Start by marking “Arousing Love” as Want to Read: Eighteen-year-old Zach is falling for Joanna until he finds out she is only fifteen. The fight between love and the need to obey your parents is the main problem of two love-at-first-sight teenagers in the romantic teen novel. "I loved this book. I am 13 and I couldn't put it down. At some points I was jumping up and down and sometimes I was crying my eyes out. I think it was the best. Editorial Reviews. Review. This book was truly amazing! I'm I started reading it and I could Arousing Love, a teen novel - site edition by M. H. Strom.

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Arousing Love, a teen novel - Read online for free. Can it be true love when you' re only 15? One of the highest rated teen books on iBooks USA with over Eighteen-year-old Zach is falling for Joanna until he finds out she is only fifteen. He knows she is too young but he has never felt like this about anybody before. 6. maj Free download free epub books free books online book free had sent. Free read Arousing Love books for men caught in writing was a solid.

I know its stupid, but when Im with her its like the happiest Ive ever been. You gotta stay away from the young ones. Toss her back and keep fishing. She thinks were meant to be together, like its fate or something. He shook his head. Youve gotta end it, man. Tell her youre not meant to be. How bout I set you up with someone wholl make you forget all about her. I know this girl, shes a real babe, and youll soon know the difference between a sixteen and an eighteen-year-old.

Youre not helping, man. I dont know if Ill ever meet a girl like this again. Shes something special. All girls are special, you just havent had enough of them to know that. You should come out with me. Ill introduce you Nah. He got up. You watch yourself with that girl though, dude. Shes too young to handle. He pushed open the door and looked back at me. Hey, Ive been there. It sucks but youll get over it. See ya in the surf. Yeah, see ya. The door closed behind him leaving me alone again with my thoughts.

I closed my eyes and immediately pictured Joannas smiling face. I liked her so much. What should I do? I said aloud to the empty room, or perhaps it was to God. I removed the dust-cover and looked again at her portrait. She was truly beautiful, a perfection of symmetry and proportion.

It was definitely the best thing Id ever painted. I saw my parents Bible still laying there by my bed, and in a flash of inspiration I knew how I was going to finish Joannas portrait. It was late when I finally put down my brushes and stood back and admired my work. Her figure was floating, her hair spread out, her eyes closed like she was asleep.

A flowing ribbon curled loosely around her with the inscription: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. She was a sleeping beauty awaiting loves first kiss. I was really pleased with it. I couldnt wait to show Joanna. After a quick cleanup, I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep with Joannas beautiful image still lingering in my mind. T hree Five p. I waited for her outside the store and eventually she showed up, her face flushed, her eyes red. Whats wrong? I need to talk to you.

She glanced towards the store. Lets go somewhere else. We followed the rough dirt path that led down to the beach. For some time she didnt speak, then she stopped and faced me. My parents know about us. Lizzie told them I wasnt with her last night.

They wanted to know where I was. She started to cry. I put my arms around her and she buried her face against my chest. When she looked up at me again, her eyes full of tears, I gently asked, So what did you tell them? That youre just a friend, but they freaked out when they asked how old you are.

I hugged her tight. Well keep a low profile for a while. I dont want you to get in trouble because of me. Dont worry about me. I gently wiped a tear from her cheek. I dont mind getting in trouble for you. I dont want my parents to be mad at me either. I dont wanna sneak around behind their backs and have to lie to them. You think we should stop seeing each other? A small part of me felt relieved at the thought of it ending, it was already so emotionally intense. But the rest of me couldnt stand the thought of losing her.

I started to feel angry. What happened to love finding a way? She just gives up at the first sign of trouble. And I was worried about breaking her heart.

Zach, do you think you could talk to my parents? I know if they met you they wouldnt be so freaked about it. You think theyll let us keep seeing each other?

I dont know, she lowered her eyes, I hope so. But if they dont. I dont wanna disobey my parents, but I dont wanna lose you either. I dont know what Ill do.

Alright, lets go see them then. We started walking back up the path. Joanna took my hand, giving it a little squeeze of appreciation. I was nervous about meeting her parentsI could just imagine some big confrontation with them. What are your parents like? Theyre Christiansbut dont worry, theyre not scary or anything. Just dont mention the times weve been alone in your room together. What should we say then? Is this really worth itgetting a grilling from her parents so I can spend some more time with a girl Ill probably never see again?

But even one minute with Joanna was worth it. I had no choice. We entered the campground and she led me through the woods past several campsites. She squeezed my hand again as we neared a campsite with two tents. I could see a middle-aged couple sitting at a table, but they had their backs to us and hadnt seen us yet. Joanna released my hand. Mom, Dad, this is Zach.

They both turned in surprise. Her father stood up and looked me over as he offered me his hand. I shook his hand. He had a firm grip. Take a seat. He motioned to the chair across from him. Joanna sat next to me. Her parents didnt look too scary. I could see the resemblance between mother and daughterher mom was still good looking even at her age.

Her father was tall and distinguished looking but he had a friendly face. Zach wanted to meet you and clear up some things. Joannas voice sounded a little higher pitched than usual. She smiled at me and it gave me some courage.

It was good of you to come and see us, Zach. Joannas father spoke with a calm seriousness. We were very concerned when we heard Joanna was spending time alone with a boy we didnt even know about. Her mother fixed me with a piercing look. Youre eighteen, Zach? Her father looked at me with a serious intensity. Okay, so they were a little scary.

Yes sir. I know it might seem strange for me to be hanging around with your daughter, but. I like hanging out with her. I didnt mean to cause you to worry. Her parents stared at me like I was from another planet. I glanced at Joanna and she smiled encouragingly. Zach, we dont allow our daughter to date. If she goes out with a boy its always with a group of her friendsnever alone.

Joannas mother was trying to sound calm and controlled like her husband but there was an emotional edge to her voice. Youre much older than she is. We want to keep our daughter from situations shes not ready to handle yet. She gave Joanna a disapproving look.

Joanna knew she was breaking our rules. This wasnt going too well. Joanna had slunk down in her chair. She seemed so much younger all of a sudden. I wanted to tell her parents to stop treating her like a little child, but I knew if I said that Id never be allowed to see her again. Zach, Her Father spoke again, wed rather you didnt see Joanna anymore.

We prefer her to be around others of her own age, that we know. Yeah like Matt. Hes a great influence. Silent tears rolled down Joannas cheeks. I tried desperately to think of something I could say to change their minds. I understand you want to protect your daughter, but weve already become such good friends, and Id really like to continue our friendship if thats possible.

Would it be okay if we stayed in a group with her other friends? Her mother shook her head. She hasnt been very trustworthy with you so far, Zach. My mind raced. Well, that was my fault. Im sure she wouldnt have left her friends if I hadnt asked her to. She was talking to me about her faith and I didnt feel comfortable talking about it in front of her friends. What weve been discussing has really opened up some things for me.

I watched their stern faces begin to thaw. Using their religion was genius, how did I come up with that? I looked at Joanna. She was looking at me with a strange expression. She probably doesnt like me lying to her parents, but its not really a lie, she did talk about her faith. Is this true, Joanna? Her father looked at her and I held my breath. She said meekly. Well, perhaps we have been a little hasty.

He turned to his wife, What do you think? She nodded. Would you like to stay and have some dinner with us, Zach? We could have a little chat and get to know you better. Her mothers attitude changed to all smiles and sweetness as she went to work cooking up something on their camp stove. Both parents started peppering me with questions and I felt uncomfortable under their scrutiny.

I tried to get them to talk about Joanna instead. When dinner was ready, we sat around their small table and Joannas father said grace before we began eating. I notice you dont like talking about yourself much. Joannas father looked knowingly at me across the table. Theres not much to tell. And youd rather talk about Joanna. He raised an eyebrow at me. Im getting the impression your interest in Joanna is more than just friendship.

I looked at Joanna, she was blushing and her father had noticed that too. I didnt say anything, I just focused on what I was eating. Joannas father leaned back in his chair and looked at us. Theres a good reason why we set these rules about dating. I know at your age how easy it is to be swept up by your emotions and lose all common sense. You know, the Bible teaches when two people have sex they become one flesh.

Today we have a marriage ceremony and legal papers that make people married, but its the union of flesh that makes someone married in Gods eyes. Im telling you this because the world treats sex like a thrill ride at an amusement park, but sex is something special. Jesus said, What God has joined together let no man separate. Theres never anything casual about it. Why is he telling us this? Does he think weve had sex? She was looking at me and I couldnt tell what she was thinking.

I hadnt heard any of this stuff before. No wonder Christians make such a big deal about sex. But it kind of makes sense that God would give us a natural way of marriage. We always add our own stupid rituals to everything.

Joanna was still looking at me. Is she thinking how close we came to being married in Gods eyes? What if wed actually done it?

I realized with surprise that the thought didnt scare me. In fact, I kind of liked the idea of accidentally being married to her. Maybe I really am in love.

Her father continued. If youre not ready for the whole deal of marriage and babies and everything else then dont even get started with the sexual stuff. And youre not ready yet even if your bodies think you are. When you have feelings for each other your bodies go crazy with hormones. Natures job is to make us procreate.

Thats what attraction and sex is for on a basic level, to make babies. Nature battles against us sometimes, and it can be hard. Our souls seek a soul mate and our bodies seek to procreate. You need to be wise and self controlled and not put yourself in a place where nature might overcome your commonsense.

Joanna was blushing again and her father sighed. I dont mean to embarrass you but I know the world doesnt teach these things. The world says sex is just a fun thing to play with, but sex is more than just an exciting game to play, and who you have sex with really does matter.

What youre saying makes sense, I said cautiously. The world lies about everything. Joanna was looking at me strangely again. She probably thinks Im just saying that to look good in front of her parents.

Theres only one truth, Zach. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. And only his truth can set you free. It was too much. I just wanted him to stop talking. I should probably get going. I stood up.

Arousing Love

Alright, well youre always welcome to drop by and have a chat with us, and if Joannas around you can spend some time with each other while youre here. Thanks for dinner. Joanna stood up too. Ill show you the way back, she turned to her father. Is that okay, Dad? We walked some distance from their campsite before Joanna said anything. Im sorry, I didnt know hed lecture us like that. Is he a preacher or something? No, not really.

At least we can keep seeing each other. Thanks for talking to them. I know it mustve been hard for you. Yeah, your dads okay though. At least he speaks the truth.

You believe its true? She looked surprised. Yeah, I think what he said is probably true. You know, I realized something else. The thought of being married to you didnt actually seem that bad. Her face lit up. I was thinking that too. We stood there grinning at each other. I should get back to my parents. I dont want them worrying about us. Hey, I grabbed her hand as she turned to go.

I love you. My words were heavy with emotion. It was such a powerful thing to say and really mean it. I love you too. Tears welled in her eyes. She blinked, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. I caught the salty tear with a kiss, then my lips moved to hers kissing her with all the love I felt for her, a love set free from my intellect trying to convince me it wasnt real.

I knew I was in love, my heart ached with it, it was so pent up inside me longing to be expressed. She pulled away, smiling up at me through her tears, then as if unable to speak, she just turned and walked away. Getting ready for bed that night, I saw my parents Bible still sitting there. I picked it up and started reading, beginning in the New Testament because I wanted to read about Jesus.

I thought I already knew the Bible from all the Sunday school lessons I had as a kid, but I was surprised by what it actually saidespecially what Jesus said.

I couldnt help but compare it to my parents lives. I couldnt see anything of their religion in what Jesus taught. They were more like the Pharisees who judged everyone by outward appearances and kept empty rituals and laws. Jesus was radicalall about loving others and giving up everything for God. He didnt care what people thought of him, he hung out with the worst people.

This was the real Jesusnot the church version. I bet Jesus wouldnt even be welcome in most churches today. Hed be too radical for them. He is. Theyre all very good. The portraits are my favorite.

Hes done some nice landscapes too. Its a pity there arent more of them here. He keeps giving them away to his friends. Were going now, Mom. I ushered Joanna towards the door. It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Zachs mom. My mom smiled. It was nice meeting you too, Joanna. We went out to the shack and I unlocked the door. Your mom seems nice. I closed the door behind us and we looked at each other.

I could feel the nervous tension between us like we were waiting for something to happen. Maybe its not a good idea to come here. Its okay, I wont take a shower this time. She laughed, though it didnt really ease the tension. I pulled my painting out from behind the shelf. Why do you keep it back there? Its not really something Id want on my wall, and Ive got nowhere else to put it. I thought I detected a slight blush as Joanna looked over the female nude figure in the painting.

Its beautiful. How long did it take you to paint her? Not long. I work pretty fast. Who did you use for a model? She lifted her eyes from the painting to look at me. It was just a photo. Her eyes wandered a little before returning to mine.

Have you ever seen a naked woman in real life? Her question took me by surprise. Uh, you mean apart from you? She blushed. I dont know, probably not. I was ashamed to admit that. Actually, I had a dream about you last night. It felt like it meant something. What was it? It wasnt sexual or anything, but you were naked. I smiled as she blushed again. She was so cute. I put the painting back behind the shelf as I recounted the dream to her. It was like you were seeing the real me and I was seeing the real you we accepted each other for who we really are.

So, have I seen the real you yet? You have, its just. You know what I mean? Yeah, but Im not like that, Im just me. You dont care what other people think of you? I care what you think of me. She smiled a little smile that made her seem so vulnerable. You wanna know what I think? I think youre amazing. Youre beautiful and happy and free, and youre so much fun to be with.

I really like you a lot. Joanna tilted her head to one side and smiled shyly. You know, I think teenagers are afraid of rejection more than anything else. Yeah, I know. We tear each other to pieces trying to be accepted.

Its a teen eat teen world. And the media feeds our fears. They tell us whats cool and whats not, and how to look and act to be accepted.

I nodded. Everyones trying to manipulate us and they know how to target our weaknesses.

I hate it. I hate it too. Youre a bit of a deep thinker arent you, Joanna. I guess. Its good to be able to think for yourself. Therere people trying to force their way of thinking on us all the time. Like who? You know, like the media and all the politically correct stuff. Theyre deliberately guiding our thinking in certain ways which is like social engineering. Its not all bad, but this is meant to be the land of the free, and its not freedom if were taught what to think.

Its indoctrination. Youre a deep thinker too, arent you, Zach. I like to think so. Do you believe in God? Her eyes searched mine. Uh, yeah, I guess. I dont see much good in Christianity though. Mostly a lot of hypocrites who think theyre better than everyone else. Im a Christian. Not that Im perfect or anything, as youve already seen. Well I didnt mean you. I smiled hoping I hadnt offended her too much. She smiled too. I dont think of myself as better than anyone else, but I try to be what a Christian is supposed to be.

Im not always good at that, but I guess God is still working on me. Hey, can I play you one of my songs? Its kind of about this. You write songs? She just kept surprising me. She got my guitar and sat down on the bed.

I dont usually play my songs for other people, so dont laugh or anything. She gave the guitar a quick tune. Its called Why Me. She started plucking the strings in an intricate melody, and then began to sing in a sweet, lilting voice. It was a song about the love of God who saved her even while she was still a sinner. She closed her eyes and sang with a gentle intensity, it was amazing. When she finished, I clapped. Wow, that was so good.

You sing with such emotion. Yeah, and youre really good with the guitar. You think you could teach me to play like that?

Sure, I could try. Actually, I was gonna ask you something. You think you could paint me a picture? Thats funny, I was going to ask if I could paint your portrait. Not nude though. I can just paint that from memory. She laughed and grabbed my pillow to swing at me, and thats when she saw her bikini laying where my pillow had been. She just stared at it. I was so embarrassed. Oh yeah, I was gonna give those back to you. She gave me a strange look then started laughing. Id let you keep them since you obviously like them so much, but I kind of need them for swimming.

Shes so amazing, she never makes me feel bad about anything. Hey, is that your camera? We should take some photos! Yeah, thats a great idea! I got the camera down from the shelf and we started taking photos of each other.

We tried to take one with both of us in the same shot but we were giggling like crazy and all the photos looked like we were drunk. We fell back on the bed laughing, and lay there looking at each other. She smiled at me and I leaned over and kissed her smiling lips, followed by another, and another, covering her mouth with tiny kisses. She responded with little kisses of her own, our lips opening and closing over each others, sharing each others quickened breath.

The tips of our tongues touched sending sensations through me. I stroked my fingers through her soft hair.

Youre so beautiful, I whispered. We lay there for a long time, completely consumed with each other like nothing else existed, just staring into each others eyes, our souls communing.

Joanna sat up. What time is it? She looked around and saw my clock. I should go, my parents will be wondering where I am.

I could try and come back later, after dinner, if you want? I could paint your portrait then. She kissed me and climbed over me to get up. At the door she glanced back and said in a teasing voice, Maybe Ill even let you paint me nude.

She flashed me a cheeky smile and was gone. Whoa, shes such a flirt. I went to the house to see if dinner was ready. As soon as I walked through the door my mom started asking me questions about Joanna. Shes very pretty. How old is she? How did you meet her? Shes nearly sixteen, but shes mature for her age. What about her parents? What do they think of an eighteen year old boy hanging around with their daughter? They probably dont know about it.

Be careful, Zach. She might seem mature to you but sixteen year olds are still emotionally fragile. They seek attention and flattery at that age, and they often have such a low self esteem theyll do anything to be admired or loved. Shes not like that. Shes very self confident. You still need to be careful. You dont want to break her heart.

Yeah, okay Mom. I signaled an end to the conversation. She was right though, I had to be careful not to break Joannas heart. But maybe it was too late for that. Maybe well both get hurt and theres nothing we can do except live through it and eventually get over it. I headed for the door with my dinner in hand. My dad was standing in the hallway and must have been listening to our conversation.

He shook his head at me. If you cant see that girl is trouble youre a bigger fool than I took you for. You dont even know her, Dad. I saw her in that skimpy, little dress. I walked past him and out the door. Hes so judgmentalas if hes so perfect and knows everything. In my room, I put on some music to match my mood and turned it up loud.

I got out my paints and brushes and set up the easel ready for her portrait. I only had two canvases left. There was a quiet knock at the door and I leaped to open it. She breezed in and kissed me, her eyes dancing. What did you say to your parents? They just think Im with my friends. Sometimes Matt and Dave make a fire on the beach and we stay out til after midnight, so they wont miss me for a while.

You want me to paint your portrait then? She seemed to shiver. You can paint me now. She smiled up at me. I showed her the two canvases I had left. I can use one for your portrait and the other to paint something else for youwhatever you want. Maybe you can do two portraitsone for me and one for you to keep. Okay, if you dont mind sitting for two portraits? I sure didnt mind painting her twice. No, I dont mind, but the one I keep cant be a nude. I looked at her and she blushed.

You mean. I couldnt even say it. She nodded and smiled at me. My heart started racing. Okay, I gave her a reassuring smile, Dont worry, thisll be great.

Arousing Love a Teen Novel - First Three Chapters

I was saying it to myself as much as for her. I felt all jittery as I put the canvas up on the easel. So where do you want me? She asked meekly.

Umm, you can sit on the bed if you want, or stand, any way youre comfortable. Are we doing the nude one first? Her question took my breath away. Is she really gonna do this? I took a deep breath and watched to find out. She was blushing, and fumbling with her clothes. She looked around at all the windows to see if anyone could see in, then she slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor with a flutter. Wow, amazing how easy it comes off.

She stood there in her underwear looking at me. When Im naked you cant come near me, youre only allowed to look, okay? My voice sounded strange. She unhooked her bra and slipped it off, dropping it to the floor.

I just stared. I couldnt believe she was really doing this. She hesitated for a moment, then slipped her underwear down and stepped out of them. My eyes swept unimpeded over her smooth, flawless skin, no longer interrupted by strips of cloth. The effect was amazing. I couldnt help but stare in awe. I felt dizzy, overcome by her beauty. She started turning around slowly, letting me see all of her. She was so beautiful, her sleek, young body with its alluring curves and long, slender limbs, so smooth and graceful.

She was perfect. She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me like she was waiting for me to say something. You could. She swung her legs onto the bed, and lay on her side, her head resting on one arm. Like this? Yeah, thats good. I started trying to sketch her shape. I dont know if I can do this, my hands are shaking too much.

Youre shaking? Im shivering like a leaf! I breathed in a deep, shuddery breath and slowly exhaled. I still couldnt believe we were doing this.

I managed to sketch her shape, though it wasnt the best outline Id ever done. I mixed some skin tones on my palette and started to paint. As I got involved in what I was doing I began to relax, though my heart was still pounding. Joanna was looking more relaxed too. Why did you decide to pose nude for me? Umm, because youre a good artist, and your nude portrait was beautiful.

I just wanted to do something nice for you. Its the best thing anyones ever done for me. She seemed to be enjoying her exhibitionism now. Do you like being naked like this?

I was enjoying this too. It was beautiful, and sexy, and the most exciting thing Id ever done. Its a bit like your dream isnt it. Hey, Ive got an idea, why dont I paint you nude too? Ha ha, no way! Aw, why not? She teased. Cause Im not beautiful like you, for a start. Yes you are! Youve got a nice body, and that sexy surfer look. The well-defined tan lines? I laughed, but my ego was eating up her every word. I continued to paint, working quickly with several brushes.

She was quiet, letting me work. After a long time of staying still she started getting restless. Sorry, my arms falling asleep. What part of me are you painting now? Trying to get your breasts right. She opened her mouth in pretend shock, then grinned. Can I see? Not yet.

It wont be much longer. I was pleased with how it was looking, but I still had some work to do on her face. Were you surprised when I said Id pose nude for you? Yeah, I thought you were joking. You looked surprised. I was joking when I first said it, but then I thought why not? I guess I was being impulsive again. You think its okay to be doing this? Yeah, of course. Dont worry, nothings going to happen like last time. No goodbye kisses? She laughed, then became serious.

You dont think its wrong though, for a Christian? Youre asking me? Its what you think that matters. I dont wanna be a bad example and put you off because of me.

Youre not a bad example of anything. At least youre not judgmental like other Christians. And I dont see this as something bad, beauty isnt sinful. Theres lots of historical Christian nude art. And theres nothing wrong with our bodies. Adam and Eve were naked, so God must have liked it that way to begin with.

I looked again at her graceful form. Besides, your body has to be the best evidence that there is a God.

I smiled, feeling pleased with myself. Youre funny.

But youre rightthis is about beauty, not something sinful. I want to please you with the beauty God has given me. Her words sent a warm, tingly sensation flowing through me. Thanks, I said, my voice rough with sincerity. She smiled like she was just realizing how much this meant to me. Do you think this is stupid, though, putting ourselves in the way of temptation? Its okay as long as we dont fall into temptation, right? Being on the edge of temptation is the most exciting place to be.

Are you feeling guilty about it? No, thats the weird thing though, I dont feel guilty about any of this. Its like part of me feels. Nothing, dont worry. What were you going to say? Part of me feels like we already belong together, like were meant to be. I blinked, and my mothers warnings came to mind. Joanna, you know I really like you, but youre going back to Colorado soon and we might never see each other again.

You never know, though, Zach. Love can make a way if its meant to be. Love breaks more hearts than it makes a way for. She didnt say anything. I kept painting and didnt say anything either. I should go. She got up and started gathering her clothes. No wait, dont go. Im sorry. I just get a little nervous with all this talk of love. Weve only known each other a few days. Youre right, we dont know what the future holds for us. I dont even know how I really feel about you. I have all these mixed up emotions.

All I know is I dont wanna hurt you. I dont care about me, I can handle it, but youre young. Im scared of breaking your heart. She finished putting her clothes on but she didnt leave. Instead she came and stood beside me to look at the painting.

Wow, thats really good. Who are you going to show this to? Just you. No one else is going to see it? I shook my head. She looked up at me and smiled sheepishly. Im sorry, Zach. I know Im being stupid about everything. I pulled her to me and we hugged. She rested her head on my chest and looked again at the painting. Brynna Gabrielson. Collateral Damage. Katie Klein. Four Summers. Nyrae Dawn.

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Arousing Love, a Teen Novel by M. Free eBook Add to My Books. Skip this list.Theres only one truth, Zach. The characters are flat and unrealistic most of the time, or just outright creepy. Hey, I grabbed her hand as she turned to go. She's doing things she'd never normally do but it's like God has whispered in her heart Zach is the one for her.

Arousing Love is about two teenagers, Zach and Joanna. She made me feel so happy. Strom, took several things that afflict teenager society today and put it into the story. You write songs? Like another reviewer has already mentioned, I found the title somewhat misleading. Youre funny.